Stripers - Striped Bass

Stripers (Striped bass)a salt-water fish that runs up fresh water rivers to spawn. By accident, some were trapped in fresh water and they survived and flourished, leading to the introduction of the species to fresh water lakes and rivers throughout the United States. For a detailed look at stripers visit Texas Parks And Wildlife site at .  We will not attempt to go into any further detail on this but only to give you our observations of this fish in Lake Buchanan.

Catching Striper on Lake Buchanan

The record striper caught and registered with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. was 28.8 pounds and 41 inches in length. Stripers are a schooling fish. Many times during the year, they can be found surfacing when they are feeding on bait fish, but don't count on it. During the summer months, they usually will be found in deeper, cooler water in groups. Although the weather is colder and less conducive to going fishing, the winter months of October through June has excellent striper fishing. If you are planning a fishing trip and want to catch stripers, these months could very well be the best.
Many factors enter in when fishing for stripers: water temperature, wind direction, bottom structure,time of the year, moon phases, etc. This is where Jim Crawford Striper Guide Service, with years of experience can short-cut to locate and catch stripers. With a minimum size limit of 18 inches on Lake Buchanan, even the smaller fish can be a thrill to catch for the inexperienced or younger fisherman. Of course, many lunkers (no maximum size limit as there are on some lakes) our customers have caught, taxed the skills of all.